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Corporate profile
EMA's clients are corporate entities, financial institutions and high net worth individuals, together with their lawyers, investment bankers and other advisers. They include some of the world's best known and most highly regarded organizations.

Our method of operation is to coordinate multidisciplinary teams under the direction of an in-house case manager (a lawyer or accountant). We draw on the services of EMA's own staff, who are as familiar with European or SEC corporate filings as with Australian land records and shell companies in offshore tax havens, as well as a worldwide network of specialized local consultants.

We operate to formal procedures with regular client feedback. We are committed to becoming part of the client's team, liaising with his other advisers, mobilizing our worldwide resources to meet his needs quickly and cost-effectively with the highest quality investigative service.

EMA's Principals
Anthony M. Shipman
is a qualified Barrister at Middle Temple, London, and a foreign legal consultant in New York. For the past ten years he has coordinated offensive and defensive legal and financial research at an international level. Highly skilled in managing difficult and sensitive negotiations, particularly in difficult jurisdictions, he has considerable knowledge of the strategic alliances forged by the traditional European business families, Japanese corporations and of US corporate raiders.

He began his career in journalism and spent several years as a financial investigative journalist for the BBC, Central Independent Television, and The London Daily News. He is also an expert on the uses and abuses of offshore tax havens and has lectured on courses organized by the Commonwealth Commercial Crime Unit at Cambridge University. He is fluent in four languages.

Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey is a Senior Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he was previously a Vice President and an advisor at Vantage Point Venture Partners. He has served four times in the federal government for a total of 12 years, holding Presidential appointments in two Democratic and two Republican administrations. He served as Director of Central Intelligence (1993-95), Ambassador and Chief Negotiator for the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty in Vienna (1989-91), Delegate at Large (on a part-time basis) to the Strategic Arms Reductions Talks (START) and the Defense and Space Talks in Geneva (1983-86), Under Secretary of the Navy (1977-79), and General Counsel to the U.S. Senate committee on Armed Services (1970-73). He was also an attorney with Shea & Gardner in Washington, D.C., specializing in commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation) He received an AB from Stanford University, MA from Oxford University – where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and LLB from Yale Law School.